Awards Committee Chair:

Michael WANG
Awards Committee Members:
Aaron OHTA
Guanglie ZHANG
Kazuhiro KOSUGE
Shugen MA

Best Conference Paper Award
Anna M. Kohl, Signe Moe, Eleni Kelasidi, Kristin Y. Pettersen and Jan Tommy Gravdahl
for the paper entitled
“Set-based path following and obstacle avoidance for underwater snake robots”

Best Paper in biomimetics Award
Tao Yuan, Ziyu Ren, Kainan Hu, Mengxi Ren, Siqi Wang, Tianmiao Wang and Li Wen
for the paper entitled
“A Kalman filter based force-feedback control system for hydrodynamic investigation of unsteady aquatic propulsion”

T. J. Tarn Best Paper in robotics Award Sponsored by Siasun
Jialin Shi, Lianqing Liu, Peng Yu and Yang Cong
for the paper entitled
“The Fabrication of Au Nanowire by Phase-Control Mode of USV-assisted AFM Nanomachining”

Umberto Scarcia, Roberto Meattini and Claudio Melchiorri
for the paper entitled
“Mapping human hand fingertips motion to an anthropomorphic robotic hand”

Best Student Paper Award
Sining Yang, Shaowu Yang, Xiaodong Yi and Wenjing Yang
for the paper entitled
Real-time Globally Consistent 3D Grid Mapping

Finalists of Best Conference Paper Award
Jonatan S. Dyrstad and John Reidar Mathiassen, NORWAY
“Grasping Virtual Fish: A Step Towards Robotic Deep Learning from Demonstration in Virtual Reality”

Mingchuan Zhou, Kai Huang, Abouzar Eslami, Hessam Roodaki, Haotian Lin, Chris P. Lohmann, Alois Knoll and M. Ali Nasseri, GERMANY
“Beveled Needle Position and Pose Estimation based on Optical Coherence Tomography in Ophthalmic Microsurgery”

Dan Su, You Fu Li and Yao Guo, HONG KONG
“Precise Gaze Estimation for Mobile Gaze Trackers based on Hybrid Two-view Geometry”

Tingguang Li, Delong Zhu and Max Q.-H. Meng, HONG KONG
“A Hybrid 3DoF Pose Estimation Method Based on Camera and Lidar Data”

Finalists of Best Paper in Biomimetics Award
Joey Z. Ge, Ariel A. Calderón and Néstor O. Pérez-Arancibia, USA
“An Earthworm-Inspired Soft Crawling Robot Controlled by Friction”

Jincun Liu, Zhengxing Wu, Junzhi Yu and Zhiqiang Cao, CHINA
“Flippers-based turning analysis and implementation of a dolphin robot”

Teppei Tsujita, Odpurev Altangerel, Satoko Abiko and Atsushi Konno, JAPAN
“Analysis of Drop Test Using a One-Legged Robot Toward Parachute Landing by a Humanoid Robot”

Akishige Yuguchi, Gustavo Alfonso Garcia Ricardez, Ming Ding, Jun Takamatsu and Tsukasa Ogasawara, JAPAN
“Gaze Calibration for Human-Android Eye Contact Using a Single Camera”

Finalists of T. J. Tarn Best Paper in Robotics Award Sponsored by SIASUN
Xubin Lin, Weinan Chen, Li He, Yisheng Guan and Guanfeng Liu, CHINA
“Improving Robustness of Monocular VT&R System with Multiple Hypothesis”

Yanan Li, Huaping Wang, Qing Shi, Juan Cui, Jianing Li, Tao Sun, Zhiqiang Zheng and Toshio Fukuda, CHINA
“Automated contact assembly of vessel-mimetic microstructure through position and orientation estimation based on object detection”

Kun Liu and Weiwei Shang, CHINA
“Learning Probabilistic Representation of Shape Recognition from Volumetric Grid”

Finalists of Best Student Paper Award
Minjing Yu, Yong-Jin Liu and Charlie C.L. Wang, CHINA
“EasySRRobot: An Easy-to-Build Self-Reconfigurable Robot with Optimized Design”

Chule Yang, Yijie Zeng, Yufeng Yue, Prarinya Siritanawan, Jun Zhang and Danwei Wang, SINGAPORE
“Knowledge-Based Role Recognition by Using Human-Object Interaction and Spatio-Temporal Analysis”

Inderjeet Singh, Manarshhjot Singh, Pushparaj Mani Pathak and Rochdi Merzouki, FRANCE
“Optimal Work Space of Parallel Continuum Manipulator Consisting of Compact Bionic Handling Arms”

Tianzhu Wang, Zhengxing Wu, Junzhi Yu and Min Tan, CHINA
“Design and Fabrication of a Miniature Underwater Angle of Attack Sensor for Robotic Fish”